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Event: 'You Make Life Good for Me' Book Launch & Poetry Reading

Visual & written art presented by Ms. Allan

Visual & written art presented by Ms. Allan

We hear about the rising stars in our respective communities all the time. Usually they are up-and-coming organizers, maybe politicians, or people behind the latest social or marketing campaign. Lori Allan is another one of these stars, but in a different arena. She's spends most of her time sharing her craft (which happens to be pretty much all things "art") throughout the city of Detroit. She works with many of the newer businesses that have started to pop-up throughout the city. Creating branding ideas for businesses and organizations of all sizes, she's steadily leaving her fingerprint in the city. She's also been featured in many publications and often recognized for her written art. If you were one of the lucky ones to attend the book launch, you were able to take some of her home with you. Unfortunately, we didn't obtain permission to share any of the amazing poetry. Maybe you'll catch Lori around town if you're in the Detroit-area and here a piece or two.

Along with the work she does in her own time, LDP has had a few opportunities to collaborate on projects with her, and consequently built a great working relationship. If you go through our site, you may find a few photographs seen through her eyes. Working with her is always a pleasure. 

To see more of what Lori's been up to, or to check out her amazing work, visit her website at lorievelyn.com