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Session: Isaiah

Pastor Isaiah Pettway of Beth Eden Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Isaiah Pettway of Beth Eden Missionary Baptist Church

Isaiah is on a mission to impact as many people as he can in a positive way. As the photographs portray, he's now the pastor of Beth Eden Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, MI. Newly installed, he's already loved by the congregation, and has great plans to spread a message of inspiration and hope from the word to the church's neighborhood and beyond.

He's also the school leader of Detroit Public Safety Academy, a charter school in Detroit. His attitude and charisma has spread to his staff and students. At his first sermon as pastor of Beth Eden MBC, the school was well-represented in its support of their leader.

Isaiah is a loving husband and caring father. He's also a great friend. It was an honor to take the time and work with my brother, and seeing him take on everything in front of him, and not flinch is truly an inspiration. Growing together with him, seeing where he is now is no surprise.